Weld IT is easily adaptable to the needs of both large and small businesses. We're more than just software, we help our customers succeed!

Everything you need to succeed, all in one system

Our system consists of a cloud-based web solution that helps both workshop and office staff to work more efficiently. Everything is done in the app, which is easy to navigate. With Weld IT, you will streamline your processes and spend less time on administrative tasks.

Quality system Weld IT
Project management icon

Project management

Make it easy to take your projects and associated documentation with you wherever you go.

Inventory management icon

Warehouse management

Helps you keep track of inventory and project spend.

Document management

Document management

Always have access to documents, no matter where you are.



Build and use industry-specific checklists for your business.


Weld IT WPQR / WPS bank

All procedures in one structure for seamless transfer to projects.



Easy for employees to report hours and deviations. Make project management a breeze.

Resource calendar icon

Resource calendar

Keep track of all your meetings and appointments in one place.

HMS icon

HMS-KS annual wheel

Work efficiently with quality, internal control and HSE. Optimal for employees and the company.

Deviation icon

Deviations and incident reporting

Easy and efficient handling of deviations.

Risk icon

Risk assessment

Our digital system allows you to take responsibility for both safety and well-being in your work environment.



All expertise in one place.

Equipment register icon

Equipment register

Clear register of all equipment.


Chemical registrars

Digital chemical registry.

Process icon

Process map

Document all your business processes in one system.

Satisfied customers

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Why choose us?

We are a software provider for the welding industry. With Weld IT, you get a full overview of everything from welding procedures and time entries to inventory management. One quality system with all the most important functions you need to make your working day easier. The program can be controlled from PC, tablet and mobile, so you always have it available wherever you are.

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Weld IT is developed by welders for welders. We have in-depth knowledge of the welding profession and have created a system adapted to the industry. Weld IT has IWE and IWT, Welding Coordinator and Welding Inspector as well as a wide range of welding procedures that are approved according to. NS-EN ISO 15614-2-:2017. Our welding coordinators are ISO 9606 certified and hold a number of WPQR qualifications, including ISO 15614, NORSOK M-101, NS-EN ISO 14731, NS-EN 1090 for all EXC levels, and NS-EN ISO 3834-2.

Weld IT is a quality system that can be easily adapted to the needs of both large and small companies. We have extensive experience in the welding industry and have good insight into the requirements, certifications and documentation required by welding companies.

With Weld IT, you get everything in one place in a digital format. You get access to services such as document registration, project management, quality management, timekeeping, HSE, deviation reporting, etc. In addition, we have many checklists to help customers ensure quality and comply with NS-EN 1090 ISO 3834 standards throughout their projects. Do you need to adapt or integrate checklists from previous projects? No problem, we will help you!

Using WPQR systems, you will always be sure that you meet the requirements of the European standard for the execution of steel and aluminum structures.

Save both the climate and the environment with less physical paperwork and streamlined work processes. By digitizing your processes, you're helping to shape a greener future.

Everything is done electronically in the app, which is easy to navigate. With Weld IT, you'll streamline your processes and spend less time on administrative tasks. You'll therefore have more time for your customers and for doing your work. 

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